Charles S. Schuman, K4GBB


I've been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1955.
My Novice call was - WN3EGP.
A year later I upgraded to Tech and my call became W3EGP. 
My Home QTH was Baltimore, MD.

I enlisted in the Air Force in 1958 and in 1961 moved my Home QTH to St. Petersburg, Fla.
My call was changed to K4GBB.
I operated Portable/Mobile for from coast to coast until I retired from the Air Force in 1979.
I now reside in Citrus County, Florida.

In 1985 I discovered Packet Radio.
At that time there were less than a half dozen packet radio stations In Citrus County, Florida.
My first TNC was a Heathkit TNC1.
Together with some Packeteers from Ocala. We installed a Digipeater on the Sky High Ranch, the highest point in Citrus county.

Since then the popularity of Packet Radio has come and gone, but I still enjoy operating several Packet Radio services.

I am fully retired now and spend most of my time at the keyboard.
I've traded my Windows OS in for Linux.
I write, document, and code for several HAM Radio applications.
I also Elmer anyone who needs help with Packet Radio.